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Have you notcied...

Discussion in 'Halo Discussion' started by Cryppy!, Nov 24, 2009.

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    Cryppy! Active Member

    ...How most of the hype about ODST has pretty much diminished. Everyone has just gone "finished!" and gone to Modern Warfare 2 or back to Halo 3.

    Prove me if I'm wrong, but I haven't seen much that proves me otherwise.

    Comment, criticize, flame, spam.

    RaBBiiTTT New Member

    LOL I've just seen a thread like this yesterday on the MLG forums.

    And yes, for me, I do agree with you. I don't hear any more news about Firefight mishaps and whatnot. Even for me, I play Firefight only every now and then.

    Phenomenal New Member

    I haven't even looked at my ODST since MW2 came out. I'm either forging or leveling up in cod, so what's the point of playing ODST anymore?

    pinohkio New Member

    same reason i still halo 3. its fun if i have a friend over and we cant play cod. also, firefight is super duper fun. it all depends on the playstyle you like though. run n gun=cod and halo super duper lolin moments=odst.

    Adelyss Hotdishhh

    The last time I played ODST was on October 3rd. ODST is not really a game you can keep playing and bungie failed big time on that. If they had a search function with the Firefight then I'd probably still play..but considering no on plays anymore you can't find a game of Firefight so its boring.

    The sad thing is I still have the Endure achievement to get...which I want because its not hard it just time consuming...sigh

    CaptnSTFU New Member

    Yup if Bungie wants that game to come to life they need to update with a search ability and make at least 1 mappack for it. And like Adelyss i need Endure, almost had it then i stopped playing haha.

    Dow New Member

    I told you all that this would happen. The game has absolutely no replay value and I feel sorry for anyone who wasted 60$ for a box to sit on their shelf.

    Cryppy! Active Member

    Well it came with more achievements to get and a new map pack for Halo 3 so I'm not complaining.

    Oh and I still have the Endure achievement to get, but I just cant be bothered anymore. Recon is no longer that special.
    Y35 <3

    Y35 <3 New Member

    I returned mine.

    LD New Member

    I havent even finished the campain yet and i never played firefight at all ^^ i just bought it because of midship

    thesilencebroken Jill Sandwich

    Its actually legitimately my favorite game, but i think a multiplayer similar to that found in the second transformers game wouldve been astronomical for this game.

    Section off parts of the city, and have a free for all with everyone dropping in every time they die. Hunting each other in the dark with the Visr mode, that would be sexy.

    Sadly, mine doesnt see much face time since no one plays it anymore. Its really a multiplayer game.
    Urban Myth

    Urban Myth Member

    Same thing happened with "Halo: Wars." A lot of people bought it just to get the mythic maps. No one plays Halo Wars much at all anymore.
    Camel Carcass

    Camel Carcass New Member

    I've got a whole shelf full of games I rarely play anymore.
    Like, literally 50 games. Not including my arcades.

    MW2 will be shelfed for a while when the next thing comes out.
    My favourite games ever are halo 3, Uncharted 2, Resistance, and some oldies.

    It's just I think of myself as somewhat of a critic, and I like to give all my games a fair chance each.
    So I rarely have time for the games I enjoyed anymore.

    G043R New Member

    errrr, I don't know what you guys are talking about. I love the campaign, as well love vergil over cortana in some concepts. Vergil is always guiding you and seeding you with hints and gives you rockets. What did cortana ever give you?

    Besides that ODST is more of a lone campaign game. I often played halo 3 by myself and I enjoy ODST just the same. Thou I still play halo 1 much more than halo 2. The fact that firefight is a can of worms that you have to beg people to join in the game with you.

    Matty New Member

    In Halo:CE she thrwarted 343's attempts to fire the Halo ring, and saved the galaxy.

    In Halo 2 she took control of High Charity and sent you flying across a horizontal lift to the Covenant Dreadnaught, saving you from a death to the Flood and allowing you to save the Human race once again.

    In Halo 3 she convinced the Chief to enter the portal through a recorded message. This allowed her to be rescued, and once again she helped you stop the annialation of the galaxy.

    But yea i agree. Vergil did some stuff, particularly when he got stuck twice on the last level for about 20 minutes when we were trying to do Classic. Fun times.

    Farbeef New Member

    The campagne kicks ass! And firefight is awsome! I just dont play it because thrs no one to. Play it with.

    G043R New Member

    Matty, technically She didn't cause the halo rings to fall apart. The chief did, because he thought the idea to use frag nades to destroy the ship. 343 actually stopped cortana.

    Halo 2, if anything could be a point ...but she didn't have to stay. I do not see why she didn't set the ship off in the first place and destory gravemind. Think... Gun pointed at the gravemind the whole time as well in halo 3 ...BUT no, it didn't get brought up. She forgot that part of the plan. Instead she started to talk to the dang thing at the end of halo 2.

    Halo 3, do you really like her? With the shitty flash screen loads that cause you to listen to her garble. No the only time I enjoy her in halo 3 was the ending to both Cortana and Halo. Those levels scored epic moments.

    So, not only did vergil find the little forrunner stucture on his own, he made it possible for the Chief to clean up his girlfriend's mess.

    I mean lets look at it this way, in halo CE. Cortana didn't stop for a second to say hey there is the flood don't let eat anything. The captain is going to let them out. It will cause 3 other games...! No seriously if you think she didn't have a moment to say that why did she ***** at him when he flashed back with 343? "Do you know how long i been cooped up in there"... she told him to "just go".

    I like this little guy better.

    He actually smiles....

    SRC48 New Member

    "but cortana haz teh tittz!"
    lol jk, but those flashing sequences annoyed me!

    Meltyourtv New Member

    I just played ODST on Sunday. I needed some Audiophiles, so me and some friends fired the disc up and went searching. It's obvious the hype would die down at some point, it just took a while.

    Chipsinabox Active Member

    I hate noir, so I naturally disliked ODST. Firefight was okay, but the lack of the challenge ascending past skulls and enemy variety was depressing. I want my flood! And I want more firefight maps!
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