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    This Gametype is meant to be played with my non-modded variant of Halo Wars: Scorpions Pass and any other non-modded user created maps that accommodate this RTS style vehicle based game play.

    Any attempt to ban this thread would be in direct violation of forge hub rules. I understand why my modded map variant is not allowed, and I will never post modded content again.


    "This here is 66 tons of straight-up, HE-spewin', dee-vine intervention!"
    — Avery J. Johnson

    The Halo Wars gametype co-created by I Pacifist I and myself SaltyKoalaBear. Our good friend and extraordinary gentlemen IIITyrantIII also lent a good deal of support while we designed this gametype.

    The idea for the Halo Wars gametype stemmed from my own desire to bring RTS style game play to a FPS. In order to bring that RTS style game play to Halo Reach I knew it would be necessary to create a map and game type that centered almost exclusively around vehicles. After sharing my “battle tanks” idea with many of my xbl friends one particular friend, I Pacifist I, took special notice to the idea and offered to help co-forge it with me and one month later we ended up creating something far more exciting and unique than we both ever imagined!

    Halo Wars is an all out vehicle centered gametype, focusing on three different vehicle groups Heavy, Aerial and Light, and the dynamics between these three groups.

    *MOST MAPS (Some Maps may have less tanks, or more tanks and no covenant vehicles. It all depends on the map as various non modded user created maps cld potentially be used. )

    4 M808B Main Battle Tanks (Scorpion) 2 per team.
    4 Type-26 Assault Gun Carriages(Wraith) -2 per team.


    8 Type-26 Ground Support Aircraft (Banshee) -4 per team.
    4 UH-144 Falcons -2 per team


    4 M12G1 Light Anti-Armor Vehicles (Gauss Warthog) -2 per team
    4 Type-48 Light Assault Gun Carriages (Revenant) -2 per team
    1 M274 Ultra-Light All-Terrain Vehicle (Mongoose) -1 Neutral

    Due to the sheer amount of heavy vehicles, and the RTS style game play we both so desperately wanted to attain, some significant game type modifications had to be made. We knew that it would be necessary to encourage player vehicle usage and discourage players wanting to play on foot. The solution to this problem turned out to be much easier than we originally anticipated and was done by setting player damage resistance to 10% and the player damage modifier to 50% . The result of this modification is that it makes players on foot much weaker and players in vehicles much, much, stronger. Players on foot are now a 3sk with the DMR or Pistol and a 1sk with the sniper rifle. For whatever reason, and to our advantage, the 10% damage resistance only effects players, and not the armor of the vehicles. So because players actually do 50% less damage than vanilla reach, all the vehicles receive a natural massive armor boost, since all there weapons are weakened. For instance, in vanilla reach a scorpion can only take 2 body shots from another tank before it is destroyed. However, In Halo Wars it takes 7 body shots for a tank to destroy another tank. This seemingly small modification has a massive effect on vehicle combat. Simply put, it greatly increases the length of vehicle to vehicle combat, resulting in more epic, prolonged and strategic vehicle combat. Think of it as the difference between SWAT and MLG.

    Generally speaking playing without a vehicle is not a smart choice, players are even more vulnerable to vehicle damage and do even less damage to vehicles than vanilla reach. (Example: It takes just 4 banshee plasma bolts to kill a player on foot)
    However don’t let this discourage you from ever setting out on foot because players on foot CAN be hyper lethal if used correctly at the right time and for the right purpose.

    Player Loadouts are as follows:

    DMR, Pistol and Sprint
    Special uses: Good for taking enemies out of “open air” vehicles, ie warthogs, mongooses, revnants and falcons. (Players do not receive armor boost if hit directly in “open air” vehicles.)

    Air Assault
    Assault Rifle, Pistol and Jet Pack
    Special uses: Best when used in conjunction with falcons, or banshees. A “boarding” unit. Great for hijacking enemy tanks from above, can quickly turn tide of battle.

    Rocket Launcher, Pistol and Armor Lock
    Special uses: Armor Lock is good for KOTH, assault and Territories. Rockets are decent, but significantly less useful against vehicles than in vanilla reach.

    Spec Ops
    Spartan Laser, Pistol and Hologram
    Special uses: Your “glass cannon” unit. Two shots placed in the back radiator grill of a tank will destroy it. Also great anti-air, two shots to destroy a banshee.

    Shotgun, Pistol and Drop Shield
    Special uses: Best unit for Assault and Territories. The Drop Shield is more than twice as strong as vanilla reach, can withstand three tank rounds before failing.

    Another very interesting thing we discovered while creating this game type was that almost all vehicles have both strong and weak points. This was obviously always the case, but because players do 50% less damage in this gametype, exploiting these weak points is a MUST for anyone looking to gain tactical advantage on an opponent .

    Below is a quick look at how the scorpion stacks up to the other vehicles.

    Scorpion> Scorpion: 12-9 turret shots, 7 body(chassis) shots, 6 tread shots or 3 “back radiator grill” shots.

    As you can see the difference between killing another tank with 9 shots as opposed to 3 is massive, especially when one considers the scorpions the rate of fire. Team “tank” shooting is also a very useful and necessary strategy and whenever possible should be employed.

    Scorpion> Wraith: 11 turret shots, 8 body shots or 3 back “fusion cooling hole” shots.

    Scorpion> Banshee: 3 shots placed anywhere

    Scorpion> Falcon: 4 body shots, 2 driver seat shots or 1 shot to kill turret operator.

    Scorpion> Revenant 4 shots to back or front, 3 shots to the engine area, or 1 shot driver seat.

    Scorpion> Gauss Warthog: 4 shots anywhere , 1 shot driver, passenger or gunner

    If anyone is interested in joining a team and competitive ladder leave a post with your gt and available play times.

    (Will update with more info often)
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    Sucks that your previous thread got deleted. I always loved this gametype and the level of creativity that was needed to create it. For anyone that hasn't checked out this map, I suggest you give her a play. Not just a download. Cuz this one's all about the gameplay. Again, nice job on this one!
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    Hey, I downloaded your other one, and I loved the map and the gametype. I'm a huge RTS fan, and when I saw the map got banned, I was sad.

    This looks a lot like the original. For somebody that's already downloaded the modded version, what changes are in this one?


    Oh wait, I just realized that this wasn't the map, but the gametype for the map. Gotcha.
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    I ended up really enjoying this map when we played it a couple weeks ago (this is Oakley). It gave this amazing all out battle field while remaining fair and balanced. There were tons of strategies to be employed and as you said, it really came down to countering vehicles with other vehicles which plays nicely. This map (and gametype) truly stands out and I would definitely recommend it to others.

    Hopefully we can talk to you about doing a review on THFE
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    What? The other one was deleted? WTF?! This map was probably the only competitive map in the canyon that had great vehicle combat! (That was a shot at Hemorrhage)
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    By far the best BTB experience I've ever had, and it's a shame that modified content isn't allowed here when Bungie and 343 have supported modded content in the past (the most recent example being No Bloom Octagon gametype variants with instant respawn).

    Great job and keep it up. Your maps never disappoint and looking through your WIPs in forge is always a blast.

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