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Halo Reach Video - Zombie Master

Discussion in 'Reach Screenshots & Videos' started by SpartanPeter, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. SpartanPeter

    SpartanPeter Member

    This is my first video that i shared on youtube, and so this is my first post on Forgehub.
    I am Peter 700100 ,and im dutch so if my english is confusing that may be the reason, and i want to show you one of my best moments from halo reach, every view is greatly appreciated and every comment on youtube even more.
    It is an short video, but i liked the moment when i achieved this.
    I now every video may not need such description but i wish to do it, thank you very much styxman34 for rendering this video for me.
    Please rate and share the video! =)

    Halo Reach Video - Zombie Master - YouTube

    Also, again this is my first post so i hope that the video is shown right, i read the rules.
    So say so if i do wrong.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2012
  2. artifact123

    artifact123 Member

    Amazingly nice! Even though it was standard Infection, thus with Evade and those guys were a bit nooby. It's still amazingly hard to pull off. Congrats, it's awesome.

    BTW, I'm Dutch too! :) 
  3. Berb

    Berb Active Member

    Wow, you just those humans around! If i'm ever playing living dead, i'm bringing you
  4. REMkings

    REMkings The Rick Grimes of the Netherlands Flood/Infection

    A lot of Dutchmen here :) 
    Great clip, getting an Infection spree in Living Dead shows some true skill.
  5. PA1NTS

    PA1NTS Member

    You just got busy on those zombies... busier than a cat trying to bury its own **** in a pile of marbles.

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