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    Well, I had the idea of a community photo long time ago,it was done in the Bungie day events with a very good result.
    I'm starting a new community,this time I will add new players to the old one,do you want to participate,here is how:

    To participate you must follow this rules:
    -Only players who will bought an original copy of Halo 3 ODST.
    -Follow the steps bellow.
    -Use the community system to share the images.

    1)Load guardian in your custom lobby.
    2)Go to this place
    Take a photo,it should look like this,respect the brightness and darkness,take a look to the old one
    like example.Bungie day.
    3)Upload it to your fileshare,screenshot gallery... and tag it bd09.

    -The target is about 200 more,I received 197 images the last time I did this proyect.

    bd09 gallery:gallery.

    Get involved,show bugie we are the biggest gamers community.

    Thanks to the admin of Forgehub,Shock theta and amercan psycho.

    IMPORTANT:instead of posting a link here,just submit your comments.Direct links to fileshares are forbidden.Just tag them bd09.Keep this alive.
    IMPORTANT:your spartan/elite must be static,no nade trowing or meeling,just a cool pose.

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