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Halo 3: ODST Audiophile Achievement Help

Discussion in 'Halo Discussion' started by Boydeh .., Aug 6, 2010.

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    Boydeh ..

    Boydeh .. New Member

    I have all the 29 audio logs and im looking for the final one in Data Hive.
    According to a post on a youtube video, if you do it in solo you can just quit when you have 29 and load data hive and get the final audio log. However when i go to do this, it says that it will erase my progess (i think).
    And i believe that if i can't just load up data hive, i have to pretty much complete the game again ? :|

    Any help would be great :D 

    Boydeh ..

    DunkinMyCookies Active Member

    I'd just do it the safe way and play through til data hive. It's not that big a deal :/

    safest bet. Either way way you end up doing it though once you get to data hive you make sure you follow the guard/marine when he says he needs to go check on something it should be n the frozen section. He'll go through a door that is normally locked, once you follow him in there is the audiophile.
    What's A Scope?

    What's A Scope? New Member

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    Fastforward New Member

    The saved data it refers to is just your checkpoint (what level your on, where you are in the level, what enemies are dead, ext). You can safely get them all and then go straight to Data Hive. There terminals are saved differently than what that is referring to.
    Boydeh ..

    Boydeh .. New Member

    Arrrr! Thank you! You can just quit and go onto Data Hive :D 

    zConviction New Member

    I haz no clue where the pedaphile is... Maybee, you could check youtube, or possibly a rock...

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