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Golf ball challenge

Discussion in 'Reach Mini Game Maps' started by GsRREAPERxFS, Jul 7, 2011.


    GsRREAPERxFS New Member

    Here is my first uploaded map to forgehub it isnt my best map i have others but its my first puzzle challenge map. This is best played on haloball as the balls will respawn insantly for you whereas if you play on a different gametype it will take like 2 mins for the ball to respawn back to its original spawn. i didnt show many pictures of the entire map thats just a bit of it. This map is very hard and at each stage you will be using a golf ball. At the start you are required to jump a massive gap, heres a hint use the golf ball and the bullets in your gun, second area use the elevator golf ball to jump to the zip line, then make your way to the jump for the golf ball, you must then jump of it instantly to land to the final platform, you then push the mine to win which will shoot a golf ball in the sky out of the I of the win sign in front of you at the final stage.



    Heres a walkthrough http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Reach/Fi...GsR REAPER xFS
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    walkthrough please

    GsRREAPERxFS New Member

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