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Endure rant

Discussion in 'Halo Discussion' started by diger44, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. diger44

    diger44 New Member

    O.K. I am about as pissed as ever right now. Even more than when I did annual 2 or 3 times, just to have someone lag out. Today I got several really good people together. The first time we tried it we got to Set 4. Round 3. Wave 5. Which took about 2 hours. 0 lives. 1 AFK guy. FAIL. Second time, I got better people. One was AFK for set 3 and on. Set 4. Round 3. Wave 2. 14 lives left. "We are getting this!" 10 seconds later the AFK guy lags, doesn't lag out, but lags. "Connecion Lost". . . . . 4 hours -blam-ing wasted. I HATE BUNGIE when it comes to lagging out. Why does the game end? Ugh. I really hope this is fixed in Halo: Reach. Any comments on this?
  2. Plan B

    Plan B New Member

    That does bug me that Bungie fails to get drop in drop out feature yet. Especially since multiplayer is heavy in a game like Halo.
  3. RaBBiiTTT

    RaBBiiTTT New Member

    Just last night me and my friend were playing on Windward on normal difficulty (just for fun :p ). The game ended for some lag reason and I have already beaten my high score that game. It didn't count :|
  4. Devil95

    Devil95 New Member

    Holy Sh** Same Here! Only We Died With Only One Enemie Remaining. This Game Makes you want to kill yourself after 1hr of firefight. God Bungie. I Would Rather Suck There balls Instead of this Firefight BullSh**.
    Bungie Breaks Your Balls Dude. Hope this rant goes Worldwide So Bungie Can F**king Learn About What The Fans Want! Reconz Is Now Offical Retarded Thanks Bungie!
  5. Plan B

    Plan B New Member

    Wow Im hearing more bad things about ODST, Im starting not to care if I ever get the game or not. Doesnt sound how I hoped itd be.
  6. Cr0ok3d

    Cr0ok3d New Member

    Hey, add me. o So Cr0ok3d. I have done the Endure Achievement for over 15 people already. Just message me when I am on and I will come right in and help you. I usually die around 2 times through the four sets.

    I have also had someone quit in set 4 round 2 wave 4 and someone lag out in set 4 round 1 wave 1. Everyone was pissed so I know what you are feeling. I just feel like helping people get the achievement, plus I hopefully will be able to boost my 1,000,000 point score higher. (Someone had to leave once we got to a million)
  7. Big Maxy 117

    Big Maxy 117 New Member

    I just did the Endure achievement with you recently, never realised you were around on Forgehub.

    Personally I haven't really had any lagging-out problems in firefight yet. Or even much lag at all for that matter.
  8. thesilencebroken

    thesilencebroken Jill Sandwich

    Havent had these problems. Additionally, I found Endure rather fun to attempt... which took me three attempts to get it.
  9. Willmatic

    Willmatic New Member

    Ya bungie should have added host migration at least.
  10. Glasgow

    Glasgow Active Member

    Another reason to get MW2 - host migration (not saying that you shouldnt get ODST, just that you should get MW2)

    ODST just came out this week, and people are ranting so much about it! vidmasters are supposed to be hard!
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2009
  11. Mongoose

    Mongoose New Member

    Vidmasters are supposed to be hard so that not everyone can get Recon if they're not willing to try hard or they're simply not good enough. I've said this from the start when Bungie first told us that Recon was going to be available, I knew they wouldn't go as far as to make the Vidmasters easy ass achievements. Suck it up, and play with people that don't have $20 routers. Otherwise, take the game back and get MW2 if you think Bungie screwed up that bad.
  12. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Member

    Me, Pigglez, Six, and one of their friends did Endure last night. It was fun and intense at the end cause we had no lives left and it was me and six left in the final round. Lucky us we're smart and we just fuel rodded everything.

    Anyways, throughout the whole match we had terrible lag, like extreme lag, but it was because Six's sister was downloading something. So make sure you tell people that are doing the achievement to not have their computer on and to not be downloading anything.
  13. Plan B

    Plan B New Member

    Yeah, my xbox lags when anyone goes on myspace. Idk why but it only lags on that site.

    COMMANDERMATT1 Active Member

    I thought I had a pretty good team of people. It was me, Shock Theta, Matty, and Cryptokid. Even though we had two British people and two Americans going for it we had no lag. It was fun but after it was all over I wanted to cry and never play Firefight again. It was a very long 3 hours of playing but that's only because we camped in the base on Windward.

    And to be honest, If your going to ask for my help for the Vidmaster: Endure, I don't think I'll be able to help anybody with it. I'm nice and all but after all that I was really tired and didn't want to go through it again. No wonder they call it "Endure". lol... Then again, completing the "Road to Recon" challenge is very rewarding at the same time. lol.
  15. stickmanmeyhem

    stickmanmeyhem Active Member

    Guys, nobody cares about the fact that you died at the last possible second while trying to get recon. The vidmasters were made to be hard to get. (However, Classic is super easy...) So calm down and stop screaming at us that you managed not to get it.
    (By the way, I've already played a match with people that had all recon on. Every last one of em except me. So it's not special any more.)
  16. diger44

    diger44 New Member

    I didn't realize how many posts this would get. When I left there was one post. Anyways about people thinking that vidmasters were hard. They really aren't. We had ten lives with one 1 round to go. Easy. Lag shouldn't be a factor when It comes to difficulty. And why would host migration even matter; if anyone quits, not just the host, it ends.
  17. iRaynne

    iRaynne New Member

    Thank you.

    You guys are blowing this way out of proportion, lag is lag, no matter what the game. I found the achievement incredibly fun too. Just don't play it with randoms, and you're set.
  18. Matty

    Matty Active Member

    Today i did Endure, Deja Vu, and all of the map achievements. Used roughly the same 2-3 people and we never had a single issue. I think you guys really need to stop thinking so heavily about achievements and stuff. They are meant to be things that you get unintentionally as you play, not something you dedicate time to. AFK guys arent Bungies problem.
  19. StarElite616

    StarElite616 New Member

    Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) only gives you so much bandwidth... soz if you haz someone on a bandwidth-intensive service (like someone watching a video), your xbox will not have as much bandwidth to work with and will perform poorly. Find people to get these achievements who don't have internet problems or it's your own fault when they lag out right before you finish.

    Do Endure on the Warthog map and have a warthog driver, warthog gunner, chopper man, and a laser / other weapon man sitting in the center base picking off enemies and taking out tanks for you. We did this and got to set 5 with plenty of lives leftover and about 1.4 million points. We played from 1-3 in the morning and so at 3 when we got the achievement we just ended the game. Who knows how many points we could have gotten, we barely ever died except when a chopper owned us unexpectedly or a fuel rod shot hit us last second when we were trying to splatter a guy. Also, make sure to hide on the opposite side of the base when the phantoms are landing - they will pwn u fast. You might want to also stockpile extra choppers in the area where the warthog spawns so when you do get pwnt you can get to a chopper pretty fast. This will fail if the warthog driver sucks/keeps flipping, the gunner sucks, nobody can drive a chopper for ****, or if the laser guy can't kill tanks in one hit or keeps dying and wasting lives.
  20. redearth

    redearth New Member

    I was in both of those parties... Diger, I really don't see the big idea. Don't do it for recon or don't do it all all, the point is for fun.

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