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Endure best map?

Discussion in 'Halo Discussion' started by Zerosun, Sep 28, 2009.

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    Zerosun New Member

    I might do vidmaster endure tonight. Is there a best map to do this? or quickest?

    Stevo Drunken Bantersaurus Rex

    Windward or Lost platoon are rather good.. Lost platoon is nice and open so you dont find yourself cornered at all but it lacks general cover.

    Windward however is extremely easy to defend. Me and my friends had 37 lives to spare at the end of it. so we had our own little slayer match afterwards >:D 

    Psycho New Member

    Play on Lost Platoon and control Choppers and Laser. That's all you really need to do. One laser guy gets laser every round and ONLY uses it on Wraiths. Stockpile spare choppers in the base whenever possible. I got 2,000,000+ points doing this. :) 

    Mongoose New Member

    used man

    used man New Member

    This is definitely true. The map is fun, just dark enough to effectively use VISR, and is very easily defend-able.

    Mischgasm New Member

    On alpha site, you can move the crates so they block the stairs it slows down the incoming enemies to a trickle because they have to jump over it. That's pretty much how we got the achievement, we stayed back and as soon as they jumped on the crate we would pop um in the head. For brutes just use the needlers that are dropped, for drones use the SMG, for chieftains all I can say is run like you've never fucking run before, then shoot, if your really good, you can assassinate them. If you think of the maps line of symmetry, the rocket spawn is over a bench near then enemy spawn. You can grab it when each round ends, same for needlers and other ammo if you run out of pistol. That's my guide to alpha site.

    Edit: On bonus rounds, there are two platforms above the middle of the map, above that are four windows, grunts will drop out of the windows onto the platform onto the floor. If you have every guy with a pistol each aiming at a window, you should be able to get bonus lives everytime.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2009

    Rifte New Member

    Alpha site. As long as you follow the same stay back behind the stairs tactics, it's very easy. I got to the 4th set with 28 lives, and then we started committing suicide after getting the achievement. I also recommend you DON'T use the rocket launcher... I found personally that on the higher waves they were useless and really only limited you because you had something you don't want to use with very limited ammo. On the higher waves when all the skulls are on, carbine/magnum and plasma pistol combo is your best friend. Plasma pistol takes out shields with one overcharge and it'll only take one shot for a headshot instant kill. Oh, and it'll help you with the 'my clothes' achievement. Yeah... other than that the other advice I can give you is stay away from middle open area as possible, only go there for ammo, and keep your VISR on as much as you can. I found VISR to be really helpful on alpha site. For the bonus rounds, as xylom said aim for the open windows at the top where they flood in mass out of. I've gotten a killionaire from it, which gave us an extra 4 bonus lives.
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    Hank102938 New Member

    Alpha site is the best I think, I haven't gotten the achivement yet, but my friends and I have gotten the farthest on that map than any other. If you just stay back and not tread out into the middle it works fine, we learnt that the hard way.

    Zerosun New Member

    thanks for the tips!
    will try this week.

    chung_wii New Member

    yeah, thanks for all these tips guys. I've been trying to get this achievement for a while now. this should help. thnx again!

    Something. New Member

    For the Alpha Site bonus round, simply shoot a rocket/fuel rod as far into the window as you can right as they spawn. If done right you'll set off an instant chain reaction worth 65,000+ points. In one round a team I was in got 135,000 points in a single bonus round.

    squidhands New Member

    Getting all this, Zombievillian? We need to try this again...


    Zombievillan I don know bout this...

    Yeah, no kidding. Im down.

    Edit: Sorry squid, I got it last night and it was epic. It took me 2 hours and 10 min. Probably the worst achievment of the whole game.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2009

    07WRX New Member

    Has anyone tried on Crater(Night)? I figured that it might be a fairly easy map to defend and also has the added bonus of being dark so stalkers are easily seen.

    Juggernaut New Member

    I'll be putting up a guide to endure later if you want something more in depth. ^_^

    Rifte New Member

    WAAAAAY easier in the day. There are no engineers in the day time version.

    Juggernaut New Member

    Engineers area easy to kill, just shoot them with an overcharged plasma pistol shot. Simple a pie. Yummm... pie.... *Drools*

    SargeantSarcasm Elephant Memory + Cntrl F

    I prefer Alpha Site to all others. Its CQC meaning you can stick the brutes as they rush you and since it falls into a pattern (outlined below) its easy to get used to.

    Wave one, grunts and jackals. Just lob a few grenades onto the platform just below the Phantom as it comes to a stop.

    Wave two, drones and brutes or drones and grunts/jackals. Don't do the spawn-grenade thing mention above, but rather stick back inside the main room, on the stairs and wait for all of the drones to fly in, take them out using an SMG to get quick overkills. As the brutes come in, run up (constantly strafing) and stick them with grenades, if you've no stickies from the first wave grunts, then wait for them to run down the stairs leading from the outside area and throw regular nades and/or charge your plasma pistol. At this point, 1/4-1/2 a clip of SMG should take them down or three melee hits.

    Wave three, flying brutes, grunts, jackals and maybe 1-2 brute captains (definitely the case later on). Same strategy as before. Get good at popping grunts and two-shotting jackals. Stick brutes all the time (they drop spike grenades) and stay in the main room.

    Wave four, grunts/jackals (not necessarily in the starting rounds), flying brutes, captains and/or hunters. Quickly run to the rocket spawn on the wall in the outside area, switch it off for your pistol/smg (if you have a ton of stickies, switch out your smg, as its only really useful against the brutes). Take out the brutes from the central room and wait for the hunters to run in, shoot them with rockets, stick them (if you truly need to) and get the shotgun in that room if absolutely necessary. Always try to get someone to flank them to shoot them in the back.

    Wave five: chieftains, brutes, jackals, grunts. There should be a fuel rod or two from the previous round, if not, load up on stickies. take out the other enemies as usual and wait for the chieftains (2-3) to run into the central area. Sticking them can be a ***** as only their weapons can be stuck, try it anyway. If all else fails, team up and SMG his ass until he goes down. The fuel rod ones tend to stay back and let loose, so try to rope them into the central area and lob grenades until his armor depletes. If he doesnt rush in, run up (as hes firing the fuel rod, dodge it) and throw a sticky.

    NOTE: it is extremely important to always jump, whether you're dealing with a fuel-rod or grav hammer chieftain.

    Once you get into the groove of things it gets really easy and fun.

    a few extra things:

    assign weapon classes to your teammates. not necessarily telling them what to do, but always communicate what weapons you have, and those that are lying around. Four people with plasma pistols and SMGs are not going to be effective against grunts/jackals.

    have one roamer (can switch off) going outside the main room to see whats spawning and inform the rest of the team. generally I'd do this to pick up all the stick grenades and extra fuel rod ammo laying about.

    try not to pick up the rocket launcher or the shotgun until wave four or five, as they are the only extremely effective weapons against the hunters and chieftains.

    ALWAYS strafe, always. Once you get used to rail shooting (what I call it, since you're essentially running around on a 2D axis as you strafe) you'll be able to time the enemies' sticky throws and basically run out as they're throwing them to counter with your own. This is EXTREMELY effective against brutes, especially during the Catch skull, as they are in the middle of a motion for about a second after they throw, allowing you to easily stick them. Once you get good at it, the Catch skull is your friend since they just end up giving you more sticky grenades : P

    Melee, melee, melee. If you have the chance (and by that i mean, no immediate danger, and no ability to score a multikill with quick grunt-pops or a grenade) get into the habit of constantly melee'ing as itll get you used to the blackeye skull. Furthermore, when that skull turns on, melee the hell out of brutes when they rush you, itll keep your health up regardless of enemy fire.

    If running out of ammo for a particular weapon, pick up a covy alternative. I realize this is common sense, but the plasma-pistol/SMG combination is amazing against the brutes and even chieftains. the carbine is good for quick kills against jackals in the beginning of rounds but shouldnt be used as a longterm alternative to the pistol.

    Thats just some stuff I've learned from Alpha Site. No I've not gotten endure yet, but simply because my connection tends to drop when playing at night. My groups have gotten halfway (which is right when you get settled in), doing well, then my connection drops because my router is a piece of ****, Orangeremi and Chuck can attest : P

    Anywho, hope that helps, even if unneeded.

    Juggernaut New Member

    KILLn Machine12

    KILLn Machine12 New Member

    crater night is hard

    i found it hard on crater night cuz they have those guys that fly in the air and everyone around him gains health. It is also takes a long time to kill him also.

    You may wanna try windward. All you do is camp in the base and wait until they come and gang kill them. Thats how I got my endure achivement.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2009

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