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Endure Achievement

Discussion in 'Halo Discussion' started by Colonel Caboose, Aug 5, 2010.

    Colonel Caboose

    Colonel Caboose New Member

    So me and my friend are looking for some people who have maybe done this a couple of times. We just need some people who will commit their time to this, because I have to many friends with idiot friends who drop out half way. I am fairly well at ODST, I don't run into the heat of battle guns blazing, but sit back and take cover. My friend, he can be sort of reckless, but he's promise to stay back and take cover too. Were looking for volunteers this Saturday, not today or tommorow, but Saturday August 10. There's no real specific time, so do I have any commited volunteers? If so please post your gamertags, or pm me for privacy. I will then keep them till sunday. Or if you rather send me a friend request with a note stating your doing the Endure. My gamertag is

    OO7 Caboose

    Those are capital o's by the way.

    TheFerociousOne New Member

    Hmm, have tried this before but as you said I had problems with people quitting out halfway. I farely good at Halo and I know how to work together as a team. Maby not exactly what you were looking for, but if you're intrested just send me a message.

    I haven't got this achievement earlier so at least I won't quit halfway!

    IH8YourGamerTag New Member

    first of all, there are already TWO threads on this subject. BEFORE you post, take a look a round and you may find a thread already devoted to the subject.

    Secondly, I need it as well so I am down.

    Thirdly, sat august the 10th isn't a date that exists this year. the 10th is a tuesday. the next time the 10th of august is a sat is 2013. so, do you mean august 7th, THIS saturday?

    oh, and you can just click on my gamertag to left. ih8y0urg4m3rt4g
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2010
    Dark Swerk

    Dark Swerk New Member

    Add sempr fidelis I might be able to do it
    Colonel Caboose

    Colonel Caboose New Member

    Oops, I forgot to change my calender from July to August. But, yeah The 7th of August, this saturday.
    R Richard P26

    R Richard P26 New Member

    Is this still open? I could use it.
    Okay, the Ferocious one sent me a message saying he lived too far a way for a good connection so I should take his pla e. Are you guys going to do this anytime since he couldn't join. Today maybe, or next Saturday?
    Colonel Caboose

    Colonel Caboose New Member

    Sorry, but I got some other people to do it. I got Recon already, sorry.

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