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Foundry DnB Race Track

Discussion in 'Halo 3 Race Maps' started by ecco three, Dec 12, 2010.

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    ecco three

    ecco three New Member

    Race Track File Share

    DnB Race Track

    This is a Mongoose racecourse within Foundry, with two Mongooses waiting at the start of the course and a further six stored on one of the platforms. The course begins with a jump over a HGV Truck and an immediate S shape course follows before joining a figure of eight circuit back to the finish/start line.

    It's my first ever race course and took about 6 hours in all to make. Hopefully my second course will be easier to build.

    Hope you all like it!

    Start of course showing jump over obstacles

    Entry to Figure of Eight at bottom left of this image.

    Side view from jump area over to figure of eight

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    Apologies for accidentally posting three times. Browser was showing time out instead of confirming it had been posted.
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    Bloo Jay

    Bloo Jay New Member

    ecco three

    ecco three New Member

    Bloo Jay,

    Thanks for noticing that my links hadn't worked. They're up now so the images should be working, including the thumbnail although I can't see where on this page the image would appear and unfortunately, try and try as I might, I can only get onto this page and the homepage of forgehub, I can't access the races page which is where I imagine the thumbnail would show up.

    Anyway, back to the track, I hope people have a try and give some feedback!

    Combs53090 New Member

    Wow, a Halo 3 map! I thought that forged maps in Halo 3 looked bad compared to Halo Reach but, after seeing race maps compared, Halo 3 just looks archaic. I don't mean to judge the quality of the map based on its aesthetics. It looks like it could be fun. However, it looks very sloppily made. I don't think it's because you sloppily put it together, I just think that is how it is going to compare to the smooth forges of Reach. As fun as it might be, I don't think I would keep this in my files just because I can get one of better aesthetic quality on Reach. I suggest trying to re-adapt this map to Halo Reach whenever you get the chance.

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