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    For my final Bungie map hack I bring you Divided. It's named that because it's Tempest. . you know. . divided.

    There is no real reason why it's divided other than I needed to shrink the play space. Antenna's are set up as markers for the soft safe zone that keeps you in the play area. Map layout, as with the other bungie map hacks I've done, is for fast movement around the map. There are two ghosts, 3 mongoose, and the rocket warthog (positioned for good destructive coverage). I think I added only 2 Jet packs and 1 of most other powerups. Sword and hammer are present to allow fun battles amongst champions.

    The only real structural addition to this map is the platform attached to the Energy battery looking structure. There have been a couple rocks added for cover and vehicle play.

    I didn't put as much play test time in this map but it still should be reasonably balanced. At least it seamed that way for the numerous matches we played. Then again we already know where everyone wanted to go. A bad sign is when one person is constantly complaining about getting killed. Usually me :)

    Basic map layout with the divide markers clearly visible.

    Rocket Warthog positioned for optimum map coverage.

    Normally you would use the jump pad to get the powerup but you came prepared.

    A nice jump to the platform for a little heavy firepower.

    A clean shot to the warthog. Hey, where the hell are you shooting?

    Jetpack anyone?

    It's hammer time! Sorry, couldn't resist.

    Well there you have it. Look forward to my progression of uploads over the week that is now moving into Forged maps.[/B]
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