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Discussion in 'Reach Competitive Maps' started by SawtoothMoney86, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. SawtoothMoney86

    SawtoothMoney86 New Member

    Curse is a small MLG Style slayer map meant for 2-4 players. elevated platforms and tombstones cover this once vacant landscape which has now turned into a warzone.
    Sniper Rifle 1x
    Grenade Launcher 1x
    Concussion Rifle 1x
    DMR 3x
    Frags 2x
    Needler 2x
    Plasma Pistol 2x
    Plasma Grenade 3x
    This map plays best with slayer gametypes, the other gametypes listed are supported but not recommended. Below are screenshots of places, weapons and overviews of the map.

    Red Spawn

    Blue Base

    Overview of Sniper Spawn

    Grenade Launcher Spawn

    Concussion Rifle Spawn
  2. SecretSchnitzel

    SecretSchnitzel Well-Known Member

    Really can't tell too much about the map based off the screen shots.... Can we at least get an overhead or sketchup please?
  3. SawtoothMoney86

    SawtoothMoney86 New Member

    sorry this is my first post, but from what you see does the map look good? would you download it? if not then please tell me
  4. PinkishObject

    PinkishObject New Member

    SAWTOOTH the map plays really well fyi and it is small so 2v2 plays best or 1v1 it was fun playing just you and I
  5. lglize420

    lglize420 New Member

    now i really wish i could afford the Anniversary Map Pack now... damn dude those pieces nd lighting look so fresh O_Q would so play this. Looks great dude
  6. SawtoothMoney86

    SawtoothMoney86 New Member

    thanks and i hope you get anniversary because there are lot of good maps out there

    that's why i said 2-4 players
  7. Juggacly

    Juggacly Member

    It's so amazing to see what things you could do with these maps. I mean, I probably wouldn't be able to come up with anything in High noon! Haha :D 
  8. SawtoothMoney86

    SawtoothMoney86 New Member

    sorry this is my first post and my computer for some reason only let me put the six on and i know that you can put more so that was confusing
  9. LindsayLowHands

    LindsayLowHands New Member

    when are all the files going to 343? I want to download maps again
  10. MacoroniMayorTOFU

    MacoroniMayorTOFU New Member

    I really cant see much of the maps since you don't have good pictures of your map. Good job forging on High Noon, not the easiest thing to do.
  11. Legistics

    Legistics New Member

    Good job on this map sawtooth it looks great from what I've seen.

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