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cool possible stuff

Discussion in 'Halo Discussion' started by SaytanicHorde, Aug 31, 2009.


    SaytanicHorde New Member

    well, i know that in ODST there are new clases, weapons and other ****. but, what about stuff that you think should be in the game, but most likely aren't? I'll start off.

    Boarding Drones-if a drone(i hate them damn buggers) swoops too close, shouldnt you be able to board them, knock their weapons out of their hands, hold both their arms with one of yours, and use a single-handed weapon from their back, all while flying them like a vehicle?

    Drone vehicle Flight- If you are in a vehicle (such as on the open large firefight map) and enough drones swarm you and lan on your vehicle, shouldnt they be able to pick you up, bring you into the sky, and drop you into the enemy lines, causing for more fun and havoc?

    Brute Jetpacker Riders-If a jetpack brute could bring 1-2 grunts, or maybe a jackal, along as a rider on it, wouldnt that cause for, 1. more points on kills(as the jetpack blows up)2. a more powerful, but less evasive, "drone" 3.CRAZY AWSUM LOLWTF FUNSORZ?

    Being able to use the brute jetpacks- if a brute's jetpack didnt exlpode, shouldnt you be able to use it? (you would just tap the jump button again in mid air) it would have limited manuverability, but would provide a brief but very revealing view of the battlefireld(especially with the VISR on)

    cluckinho10 Active Member

    The only one that seems probable to me would be the Drone Vehicle Flight one and even that doesn't seem right to me

    CaptnSTFU New Member

    To be honest i am just glad for the new classes, it will add a whole new aspect to the game. But the drones dropping you in the lines of fire would be amazing.

    Rifte New Member

    The drone swooping in on you and picking you up is the only one that sounds even reasonable as it's happened in campaign with the marine and the drone swarm on lvl 2.

    The other things honestly sound weird, and I don't really like them.

    SaytanicHorde New Member

    these are just suggestions, you dont have to like them, or post your opinion of them, i just want to see what crazy ideas the world can come up with.

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