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Discussion in 'Reach Mini Game Maps' started by cluckinho10, Jul 25, 2011.

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    cluckinho10 Active Member


    ATTENTION: Experiencing Lag? Try CloneCourt LITE

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    The beginnings of CloneBall
    People always have though of the Hologram as useless, piece of **** armor ability. I always use the Hologram, and have wanted people to realize how usefull it can be, thus I wanted to create a game showing how cool it is. I messed around with the Hologram for awhile, and finally I figured out that Holograms could actually make mines blow up. I was like **** yes, and CloneBall was born.

    The Game
    CloneBall is best played with atleast eight people, and can be crazy and awesome with more than ten. So anyways the object of the game is to score more points than the opposing team by sending your Hologram into one of the four goals. You must also defend your four goals by destroying the clones the oter team has sent across with your spiker. Games are five minutes long with 25 points to win.

    Video of CloneBall

    Pictures of CloneCourt






    Special Thanks
    Confused Flamingo
    Hayden H
    Others that helped with TG testing I forgot

    Well thanks for viewing my map thread. Hopefully you play CloneBall and enjoy with your friends. This game took some serious amounts of tweaking and testing, so please comment on it. Thanks, and the link below will send you to the CloneBall fileset.

    Last edited: Jan 27, 2012

    xAudienceofone Active Member

    Excellent arena design, excellent idea for a game, and a fantastic execution. I might suggest a separate map for larger teams, or maybe for multi team? Give that one a thought, just imagine all the different colored holograms racing around and the hectic race to destroy them all... that would be crazy. As it stands Cloneball is one of, if not the most inventive mini games on Reach I have ever seen, and you made if extraordinarily well. Congratulations on a map and game well done.
    Darth Human

    Darth Human Remake my maps

    Hah, holograms blow up mines (bungie fail).

    Anyway, I have got admit, this looks extremely fun. I am definitely going to dl this and try it out.

    ^ I agree with this. Maybe you could add harder-to-get scoring chutes that score more points. There is so much more you can do with this idea, but either way, you're definitely on the right track. Again, awesome job.

    Berb Active Member

    Berb <3 dat floor

    Seriously cluck the clonecourt is very beautiful. It is a simple room, yet very elegant and grand. The mine thing with the holograms is a very good find and you've done an awesome job at putting those scribbled-down concepts into a map. It sure does shed a new light on the worst armor ability in the game.

    broccollipie New Member

    You've obviously never met armor lock.

    I agree with Berb, the court is absolutely beautiful, such an awesome building doesn't require a game too complicated to play in it. I like your simple way of scoring an explosion, and the shield door in the middle to stop players cheating.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2011

    Packeranatic New Member

    This is a insanely good idea. The court looks amazing btw and the weapon choice of spikers is a good call in my opinion. I will play this later when I have enough people online and will get back to you then on its playability.

    cluckinho10 Active Member

    Thanks everyone. I would love to do a Multi team map but I'm afraid that the scoring would be impossible to do. Though I do like the idea of doing a chute that rewards more points, but harder to get. I'll definitely keep everyone's ideas in mind for future versions of the map. I'm glad everyone likes it, thanks for the comments.

    Packeranatic New Member

    Okay so yesterday I played this with 10 people, after some kerfuffle about who wants to be on whose team and messaging the people who refused to come out of their party so I could tell them how the game was played, we started.

    It seems like all at once people forgot what to do and just started shooting the hell out of each other, and people started using the holograms to block shots. After a little more cursing, my team finally got the message and aimed their holograms at the goals. I think only one guy on the other team knew what he was doing, as my side won 25-3.

    Personally the game was a blast for me, between aiming your hologram correctly then bashing the opposing sides' it was really hectic and simple, but a lot of people in my party were confused with the scoring. One dude even asked where the ball was. So if you ever make an additional court to this map, I have some suggestions:

    - Make one collective goal for each side, to take away from the initial confusion of multiple goals.

    - Maybe have arrows that point to the goal or even forge a hologram symbol above said goal to help make the point of the game clearer.

    - This was also an idea I had, but am not sure if it works. What if you had the option to switch out for a drop shield? I believe drop shields can block waypoints from holograms. This way you could have defenders as well as offensive players.

    That's all I have to say. Hope you find it helpful. =)

    NecroAscendent New Member

    I love this game idea. Its unique and creative. after reading a few of the comments on here i do see how it could be confusing for newbies. I'm sure i will enjoy playing it regardless. and p.s. i love using hologram. people who say its worthless just don't know how to use it.
    Dai Tou Zai

    Dai Tou Zai New Member

    I don't like this game... it might be very creative but the lack of spawns ruins it (Avarage troll)

    anyways the map might not be the greatest but it sure is fun. the forge is a very well build. it looks nice and simple (LAME) and the only problem is the arena is too small and dull... but it was a very creative idea and it was executed good also its very hectic with 16 people
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2011

    cluckinho10 Active Member

    Thanks for taking your time to play it. That is unfortunate people didn't know what to do:/ As for your ideas, I must say the only ome I could implement would be putting something over the goals. Making a collective goal wouldn't be a good idea IMO because it'd be too easy just to point over at their side, rather than aim. As for the drop shields, I do like the idea, but what if a player chooses that and wants to switch? And theyre a bit too big and would make scoring impossible. I really do appreciate your suggestions and thanks.

    Thanks. Hopefully some minor explanation in the lobby could fix some of the confusion.


    CAPNxXxCANT New Member

    Sorry I'm a little bit late to the posting party cluck. I'm really excited to finally see this map at just about the best it can be. I know you put a lot of work into making every single goal work everytime and tweaking all the small things. And that's why this game is awesome. When you get a big enough party this game is as fun as any. It's hectic and you gotta send of your hologram while chasing after five of the other teams and trying to kill them. But even while its hectic, it's simple. Awesome idea, great execution

    yea no offense to anybody but I think that both of these ideas would completely screw up the game. Both ideas would be helping out the defensive part of the game. If you wanna play defense, you don't need a drop shield, you can just run around whackin and shooting holograms. Also, if you put one collective goal, you might as well have just made a long hallway to play this in
    james 24993

    james 24993 New Member

    I can see some pretty amazing variants of this gametype (not that the gametype itself isn't amazing. Because it is):

    Attack/defend cloneball: A larger team must send holograms which a smaller team must destroy. The large team are purely attackers, the small team purely defenders.

    Shooting range: One person must snipe as many holograms as possible before they reach the other side.

    Survival. Each side of the cour is rigged with explosives which cannot be shot, a detonater switch is covered by a layer of landmines, each time must work to "break down" the enemy teams layer with holograms before sending a final hologram to detonate the switch and kill the other team.

    Big team: Larger court for 8v8

    Multi team: Speaks for itself!

    cluckinho10 Active Member

    If anyone wants to use this to make their own game than go right ahead. It seems you have some interesting ideas, why not make them yourself? Hopefully people can utilize the mechanic in cooler ways than I would ever think of. I will say the capn cant and I are in the process on working on another court that is much more creative and interesting.

    Anyways I appreciate the comments capn and james.

    Harri51 New Member

    This looks like at lot of fun to play. I like the twist that normal grenades then anything else

    cluckinho10 Active Member

    What? Not sure what you mean by grenades but thanks nonetheless.

    Thanks, that would be pretty cool if I could get it into Action Sack.

    TonyDaTiger96 New Member

    This looks really fun, I just downloaded it, and haven't tried it yet. But based on the video if there isn't a lot of people would meleeing the holograms be a problem? Maybe you can slow the ppl down so they can't just melee them or maybe you can nerf the melee damage? Also if you do so it might be a good idea to play around with the weapons to see what fits best

    snapper2052 New Member

    i dont understand how the holograms score the points after destroying the mines? if you could explain it to me thatd be greatly apreciated. but it looks like a great map and alot of fun, ive yet to try it, but look forward to!

    cluckinho10 Active Member

    It requires two hits to destroy a hologram, so a combination of shooting and meleeing work the best. And after testing a couple weapons, I found that the spiker was the most fun to use. If people want a different weapon than they can just change the Gametype to see what they like.

    There is a gold ball behind the mine, and once the mine blows up, the ball launches into the destination, thus scoring a point.
    Naughty Badger

    Naughty Badger Member

    I had a blast playing this... for about 1 second. My hologram didnt make it to the goal! I aimed everywhere. Above it, in front, at an angle, and they all stopped short of the goal! Has this ever happened before?? If so I suggest fixing it. If I am the first and am doing something wrong, please tell me. I would like to be able to enjoy this. PS I am considering making a map for your gametype, I may not but if I do I will give you credit for the gametype and mention your map. Would you be ok with this?

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