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Campaign Problem (Glitch)

Discussion in 'Halo Discussion' started by RaBBiiTTT, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. RaBBiiTTT

    RaBBiiTTT New Member

    Here's the story (step-by-step):

    - Me and one more person were playing the last level.
    - The game ended. My prediction was that it was because of lag.
    - We resumed from our last checkpoint.
    - We finished the level (which means the whole campaign).

    - The achievements (The ones for completing the last level and the ones for completing the whole campaign on normal, heroic and legendary difficulty) did not pop-up even though we are already back to the main menu and done with the credits.

    Can anyone explain this?
    I have already e-mailed bungie of my conern. I am currently awaiting their reply.
  2. Glitch100

    Glitch100 New Member

    Its because you continued.
    Happened to me and friend also.
    You have to redo that last level on Legendary.
    If you check it on the REPLAY MISSION section, it will say not completed.
  3. RaVNzCRoFT

    RaVNzCRoFT New Member

    Isn't it pretty obvious? Something got messed up when the game ended; you have to replay the entire last level. Not something you really should have emailed Bungie about...problems like this happen to hundreds of people.
  4. halo kid

    halo kid New Member

    like they said its nothing,you just need to redo the last level. i dont know how tough it is for you though,Ive not completed the campaign yet.
  5. RaBBiiTTT

    RaBBiiTTT New Member

    Well, legendary on ODST is much easier than Halo 3.
    But, the last missions is the hardest :p 

    So me and him were pretty frustrated...

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