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BTB Longshore CTF gameplay

Discussion in 'Halo Discussion' started by cory21, Aug 13, 2009.

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    cory21 New Member

    Last edited: Aug 13, 2009

    Speed-e-cake New Member

    After watching that, I'm slightly disappointed, I was hoping for a Asymmetric vehicular combat focused map, but this seems very, Last Resort-ish, with more heights and less vehicles. Don't get me wrong though, this is still the map that I am looking forward to the most from ODST, but I was just hoping for a little more than a Ghost for a vehicle selection :\ The map itself I think looks fantastic, the lighting is different in a good way, the theme is awesome, and the weapon layout seems solid. Can't wait to play it myself!

    EDIT: I forgot to mention the Bridge! Very cool idea, an extension that lets you leap from above to get a jump on the enemy. I thought that was just there for looks but Bungie surprises me yet again. I'm not sure how it will effect gameplay much since our camera man didn't pay much attention to it...
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2009

    cory21 New Member

    I agree with you 100%. When I first looked at the picture revealed on B-day, I thought it would make for some epic 'hog wars. Only having Ghosts just doesn't cut it. The lighting is amazing, especially that one room that looked like a freezer was amazing. And don't forget the bridge. That would add a whole new dimension to matchmaking, and maybe even forging. Maybe an infection game where zombies come at you in waves using the bridge. Awesome.

    Agamer New Member

    I can agree that this is the map that I'm also looking forward to the most once the three maps are released. It will probably be one of my favorites, since I love bigger maps that are built around playing with a large group of people. I'm really diggin the style of the map, for once we get a human styled map.

    Even though the ghost was placed in the default version, doesn't mean we can't add warthogs, if anything they will give them for us to use in the vehicle pallet. On the topic of Forge, I'm sure that there will be a decent of maps made on Longshore, that is as long as Bungie gives us a decent amount of items to use.

    One last thing, I'm really confused about this bridge you guys are talking about. I seen the player press a button during the first video, yet I didn't see any thing happen, I didn't see this bridge, or any thing about it.

    cory21 New Member

    I think that the control next to the bridge ( in the link to the third video) opens the gate and extends the bridge, while the control panel in the base (in the first video) closes it.

    Lippy New Member

    It's the big thing sticking out of the middle warehouse towards the defenders base. Not as much a bridge as a "diving board" for the attacking team, so to speak.
    X taco king X

    X taco king X New Member

    After watching the videos longshore met my expectations in a more urban type map. I think due to the many rooms and fluid interior, effects (juicy, colorblind, etc), and Forge we will be able to create some of the best infection maps or survival type maps that require your VIP to reach destinations. The second example will only be possible if Bungie allows us to use plenty of good objects like walls, doors, bridges and the like. And if continuing on the VIP idea we could make them go and activate the switch then cross it to get to the next area of survival. I can picture left for dead type maps on this.

    I personally cannot wait to get my hands on this maps forge.

    ~Taco King
    Plan B

    Plan B New Member

    Judging from the videos I was hoping this map would be much bigger. Like Headlong, an entire section of a city. But this like a Foundry/Last Resort medium sized map so Im kind of disappointed.

    CaptnSTFU New Member

    Well you have to realize in halo 3 bungie wasn't going for huge btb maps like h2 all the maps in h3 are small to medium size. I wish it was a huge map like the rumors but it will suffice for me. Also on the note of forging, i agree with the infection that would be sweet to forge a bridge so when its activated the infected have a full bridge to cross while humans are on the defenders base with br's pistols.

    Rifte New Member

    Looks more like a standoff sized map to me. But to be honest, I was hoping for more open space for vehicle based combat.

    Armeddragon77 New Member

    Doesn't look to good for vehicles, hopefully we can fix that in forge.

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