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Sandbox Bluerred

Discussion in 'Halo 3 Casual Maps' started by Raakuth, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. Raakuth

    Raakuth New Member


    Long ago, a Back-story creating civilisation known as the Thasrhi (Thass-Ry) had an active, bustling community. Modern research suggests they died out hundreds of years ago, although one ship has been abandoned for over 300 years... Nobody knows why the Thasrhi abandoned this ship... Perhaps its the frequent powercuts... Or perhaps its something far worse...

    The air in this station turns people against each other, to survive this place, you must cut all emotional ties, you can’t trust anybody to cover you... or soon you could be covering the floor.

    Intended for FFA Slayer, Bluerred is a map with several unique features. While creating the map, me and my brothers decided to build with competitive gameplay, and aesthetics in mind, therefore, I’m posting this somewhere between in the casual maps section :D 

    Possessing vast opportunities for cover, several power weapons, and certain aesthetic qualities, Bluerred makes for some pretty awesome gameplay. Don’t believe me? Download it and test it with a few friends, even playing with 2 people can be fun.
    OH! One thing I should also mention is another cool little feature I found whilst creating the map, i, not being stopped by any obstacle, have used it in the weapon selections for the map. I like to call it, the power cut. Whenever a power weapon or grenade is thrown, there is a chance for all of the lights to switch off, allowing the victim for a speedy getaway by the time they power back up. Awesome isn’t it? :D  The energy sword becomes very balanced because of this, as more often than not, you find yourself in the alter ego of a dark ninja, while you can barely see the enemy, they can see you bright as day, must be a visor glitch eh? ^^
    This balances out the playing field on splitscreen games, an area of design that most maps tend to avoid. Unlike the others, this map is designed for split screen play, as well as solo play. The Power Cut feature also works on solo games (as I have been told by one of the main testers :D )

    ANYWAYS, You’ve read all that, if not, go back and read it :p  Here are some picatures and a video which should explain everything. Enjoy.




    Escape Shoot





    Heres the Map

    Forgot to mention anything about the gametype, This is a game variant of slayer, where you have slightly less health, run slightly faster and have slightly less gravity. There is also a forced colour black for extra stealth ^^ The forced colour isn't included in the video, as it is a recent change
    Heres the Gametype

    YouTube- Bluerred - A Halo 3 Map

    This video was a 2 man testing team, it was the only time I had my camera with me ^^ it gives a basic overview, the game is run by my brother who is a control freak and demanded to be player 1. SO he downloaded the map and set the testing up for me​

    ^^^ Youtube Video ^^^​
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  2. xDarklingx

    xDarklingx New Member

    That's an awesome glitch! for anyone who didn't read the writing up there, go and read it!
    that really seems to be the main feature of this map, and sounds to make for really different gameplay styles. You could use a flare also to combat the darkness and it might actually be useful for once! The map itself is pretty well made and I like that angled side of the map, it looks real nice, but those shield doors are kind of a turn off and i don't really get why they're there. I'm gonna give you a 4/5 but maybe change the name...it's kinda lame, sorry to end it on a bad note.
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  3. Raakuth

    Raakuth New Member

    Hey, yeah i was having second thoughts about the Shield Doors, i may perhaps delete them in a second version or something if i make one. Thing is, i had them there because they can provide decent cover from the sniping platforms, in that base, it takes longer than the one second invulnerability to get to cover without being sniped, therefore, i added a little helping hand, thus explaining the shield doors.

    The name is a mixture of the two primary colours, Blue and Red, with another R thrown in for good measure :p  i could change the name, but it doesn't have any effect on the gameplay and i personally quite like the simplicity of it.

    Thanks for the good feedback :D 
  4. Okage4

    Okage4 New Member

    how the hell did you get this glitch? o_o
  5. E inglourious 3

    E inglourious 3 New Member

    I had an issue with this glitch, where my lights would stop shining. It happened with a map where I merged two lights together, and lights into wall Ts. The glitch is not new, only in that it seems controlled by what Raekuth said (please let me know if it is actually controlled or random.) Basically waht happened, was that every now and then the lights would shine color, or simply look blue or red (like a powerup.) Different screens would show different illuminations, or lack there of. It pissed me off enough to quit the map.
  6. Raakuth

    Raakuth New Member

    Well, the glitch happened by chance. it can be controlled, you need a minimum of 3 lights on the map, and fairly close to the item limit. Thats how i've done it. Usually, it can make the map look real sloppy, but i think on this map it is well used, and is controlled, for example, on the first testing run, it wouldn't work on single player, i decided to add a couple of extra things that had no effect on the gameplay whatsoever, and it started to work on single-player (sometimes). I'm not sure of the technicalities of xbox model/TV model, or if it can be done using specific items. Thanks for the comments
  7. Organite

    Organite Well-Known Member

    I believe this glitch revolves around the same principles of the disco light effect on objects if you have to many. If you put too many lights in one zone the gaming engine doesn't know how to produce the effect and therefore just decides not to do it period. I personally think it'd be cool if the lights did spaz like objects to possibly simulate flickering. It would be cool but at the same time very seizure inducing =P

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