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BF2142 drop pods = ODST drop pods?

Discussion in 'Halo Discussion' started by Glasgow, Sep 14, 2009.

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    Glasgow New Member

    So I noticed this earlier while watching this Battlefield montage on youtube. I noticed how BF2142 drop pods look so much like ODST pods. A few mods here and there (BF2142 mods), and they could look and act exactly like ODST pods, and you can skin characters so they look like ODSTs too! Oh, the glories of modding (in BF2142).

    Here is an educational video on how to take down a titan (which includes drop pods in action around 0:52) and more fun stuff.

    YouTube - Battlefield 2142 Titan

    But BF2142 is for PC and blablabla. I don't think its "illegal" to mod BF2142, but it is "illegal" to mod Halo 3. Yeah. Just to clarify that. I'm also not trying to get you to mod, just saying, is all.

    No links to any modding communities or mods (sandbox mod *cough*), I think I'm pushing it far enough by even posting this.

    Duckman620 New Member

    They really dont look to much like the odst drop pods. These are more capsule shaped. Than odst.
    Bloo Jay

    Bloo Jay New Member


    Glasgow New Member

    Not really. The thread lives on!

    Still, I'd like to see some BF2142 mods.
    FSC Nightmare

    FSC Nightmare New Member

    I agree, ODST drop pods are way more futuristic.

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