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About the Halo: Reach Beta invitation...

Discussion in 'Halo Discussion' started by RaBBiiTTT, Sep 24, 2009.

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  1. RaBBiiTTT

    RaBBiiTTT New Member

    How do you activate it or something?
    It just says to go to xbox.com but I cannot seem to find anything about it.
  2. x DREAM 76 x

    x DREAM 76 x New World Man

    You can't activate it untill next year.
  3. RaBBiiTTT

    RaBBiiTTT New Member

    But there isn't any code on the card.
    Any idea on how we'll be able to access it?
  4. Transhuman Plus

    Transhuman Plus Active Member

    WHEN the beta is released, Halo 3: ODST will be the "key" that allows people to play it. I'm assuming it will be a code that will show up on the menu so that you can't share it around.

    You're not missing out, just be patient.
  5. RaBBiiTTT

    RaBBiiTTT New Member

    K thanks.
    Lock pls :p 
  6. Big Maxy 117

    Big Maxy 117 New Member

    It comes out Spring 2010. My ODST box says so atleast.
  7. Indie Anthias

    Indie Anthias Unabash'd Rubbernecker

    Pretty sure it will be via the "New Intel" menu on the ODST main screen, no need for a code.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2009
  8. Waylander

    Waylander Well-Known Member

    ****ing better have my internet hooked up by then.
  9. Meltyourtv

    Meltyourtv Active Member

    That greyed out Extras menu. Enough said. :D 
  10. Matty

    Matty Active Member

    It will work exactly the same as Halo 3 Beta worked when you bought Crackdown, no code needed.
  11. XxSpix

    XxSpix New Member

    Down at the bottom it says extra. It will become unlocked for you to download the key for free next year, methinks.

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