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343 announces Reach Title Update in September (Updated OP)

Discussion in 'Halo Discussion' started by Pegasi, Jun 29, 2011.

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  1. Pegasi

    Pegasi Active Member

    Updated 26th of August

    TU Changes Rundown:

    From bs angel (Source):


    • Beaver Creek
    • Damnation
    • Timberland
    • Hang em High
    • Prisoner
    • Headlong (spotted by cory21)
    • Installation 04 (Firefight)




    Halo Anniversary: Damnation Gameplay - YouTube

    Halo Anniversary: Battle Canyon Gameplay - YouTube

    Halo: Reach - Headlong Remake - YouTube

    Halo Anniversary: Solitary Flythrough - YouTube

    Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary - Shotgun Mayhem - YouTube

    Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary - Shotgun Stud - YouTube

    Original Post:

    Click me

    Sounds very much geared towards allowing people to experience a classic Halo feel, specifically allowing rather then forcing, which I'd assume means extra gametype options. This is EXACTLY what I was after as I think fundamentally changing the game would be a real knock for those who enjoy Reach as it is, thus a step back rather than a step forward. This should hopefully allow both parties to truly enjoy this game which is so solid as a basic canvas, and alleviate the dislike of certain balance choices made by Bungie.

    I'm still hoping they nerf the Banshee, though. Screw accommodating both sides, that thing is just broken.

    EDIT: the interesting part of the above article:

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  2. broccollipie

    broccollipie New Member

    About time! Yay! o/
    I'm surprised Bungie didn't release a TU, what with everybody practically begging for it and all.
  3. Cryppy!

    Cryppy! Active Member


    No fall damage sounds like a pro. Cant wait. :D 
  4. Ladnil

    Ladnil New Member

    Only things this update needs to do are completely change armor lock, up the kill speeds with the default spawn weapons, and fix screen lag issues. I can't think of much else they'd do that might actually improve this game.
  5. Xun

    Xun The Joker

    @Peg I didnt find the section you quoted in the article itself, where did you find that?

    In relation to the info itself, sounds cool, but I will probably seldom use it. I like CE, but if I wanted to play CE, Id play CE. I understand though its for nostalgia's sake, and for the fact that CE didnt have online multiplayer on Xbox. So its a cool idea, and Im sure many people will love it.
  6. Pegasi

    Pegasi Active Member

    It seems like the waypoint site is being glitchy. I couldn't see that section the first time I loaded the page, but after a refresh it appeared at the bottom. Now its not appearing at all no matter how much I refresh, but it does appear for a second as the page is loading. Try scrolling down as the page is loading and you might see it, the section begins with some multi coloured text.
  7. Xun

    Xun The Joker

    Fair enough, wont bother as Ive gotten the jist of what they're doing by what you posted. Sorry to make you do that for nothing. ;)  Cheers for letting me know, though.
  8. Neoshadow

    Neoshadow New Member

    It's great they finally announced something like this. Even better that they can add more scope to matchmaking, but I really hope they add some fixes everyone have been screaming for, such as Banshee and armor lock nerfs, perhaps fix melee trade and infection betrayal and some other things.
  9. pinohkio

    pinohkio Active Member

    New TU? [Expletive], [Expletive], [Expletive], [Expletive], [Expletive]

    Oh thank god.
  10. Psychoduck

    Psychoduck The guy from those videos

    Sir, that post is awesome. I would like to add that fixing Reach's atrocious warthog/mongoose physics and allowing the warhog to be as powerful as it should be (nerfing armor lock would help with that as well). As for improving the default spawn weapons, I think that making them both (particularly the magnum) would be better than actually increasing the ammount of damage they deal.
  11. Neoshadow

    Neoshadow New Member

    Making them both what?
  12. pinohkio

    pinohkio Active Member

    Clearly making them both invisible.
  13. newbieninja2

    newbieninja2 New Member

    ladys and gents, i managed to capture the missing post through use of the abitity to pause the page mid-load, (which is to my knowledge something you can only do on safari) i have the part that bugged up and wont appear below, no need to thank me.

    bs angel’s Super-Official Gettin’-Ready Checklist:

    1. Don’t worry.
    2. Be happy.

    Before you tackle the above tasks, there is one more thing we should talk about, something we hinted at both during E3 and, more recently, in the first paragraph of this Bulletin. We’re pleased to confirm that we’re planning a Title Update (a small download which will add some interesting functionality) for Halo: Reach in preparation for the multiplayer aspect of Halo: Anniversary.

    If your heart suddenly sped up, fret not, Reach fan. This is something that will not only sit side-by-side with Reach’s existing gameplay and will be accessible by both Reach and Anniversary players, but will allow us to make fairly significant changes to multiplayer gameplay within the confines of Matchmaking. We’ve talked about this as a way to better recreate the classic Halo: CE feel for the new classic maps, and it will let us do some things in gameplay that simply aren’t possible now. I don’t want to give too much away until we get through gameplay and bug-testing, but an example scenario would be allowing you to play, say, [REDACTED] with zero fall damage. Now that’s a limited and simplistic example, but it does speak to the way we’re approaching the changes philosophically. There are some bigger ticket “classic” Halo gameplay elements which people are clamoring for and which we intend to do our best to deliver on. More news about specific changes and the timing of the Title Update will be forthcoming. But I can say that, having tried a few of the more significant tweaks, certain “classic” elements are already working with beautiful and deadly efficiency.

    We congratulate, thank, and celebrate Bungie as they close the Halo chapter of their lives. For those of us at 343, though? Well, I think we're just getting started…

    Last edited: Jun 29, 2011
  14. Nutduster

    Nutduster Well-Known Member

    CE-style pistol? Disabling bloom? pleasepleaseplease
  15. GrenadeGorilla8

    GrenadeGorilla8 Active Member

    Any indication as to when this will be available?
  16. Ladnil

    Ladnil New Member

    Making them both what?

    I'd like to be clear that I'm talking about the AR too btw. If the precision guns are going to get buffed (be it by upping damage, making them bleed through, removing/tweaking bloom, whatever) then the AR needs a buff just for fairness' sake. Idiots who can't shoot a precision gun would still get raped 90% of the time on account of their refusal to try and be good at Halo, they don't also need to be carrying a squirt gun.
  17. Shanon

    Shanon Loves His Sex Fruits

    No Bloom. Please.

    Sincerely, Shanon
  18. cluckinho10

    cluckinho10 Active Member

    Maybe they'll bring back the BR.
  19. Shanon

    Shanon Loves His Sex Fruits

    I think you're getting ahead of yourself, chap.
  20. Frozenlynx

    Frozenlynx New Member

    They won't be adding any weapons, but holy crap if they reduced the bloom size and reset-to-center speed, I'd be so happy. I must be the only person who likes bloom as a way to make players pace their shots, but as it stands now you aren't rewarded enough for doing so in any mid-range combat situation.

    This new makes me a very happy camper. I'm sure that 343i will do an awesome job, but that isn't going to stop everyone from complaining a **** ton as soon as this TU is released :p 

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