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Contest 2v2 Dust-Up Tournament

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by RightSideTheory, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. RightSideTheory

    RightSideTheory Failside


    The official Gametype can now be downloaded here, thanks to the new online file sharing.

    An Intro to Warfare

    Welcome, friends! On this most special of occasions we've gathered together to enjoy yet another competitive tournament hosted by Forge Hub. As you can hopefully tell, this tournament is going to be a 2 versus 2 shindig, played on a menagerie of community generated maps. So, if you and a friend think you've got what it takes to be the best two man army on Forge Hub (or just have a bit of competitive fun) then this is the place for you!

    So Tell Me More!

    This tournaments goal is to combine two things that we love here on the hub, creating maps and playing Halo! Once again we're asking our community to step up and create maps to host 2v2 matches on, so that we can give as much power to the community as possible. In this tournament we're hoping to have as many maps as possible be community made. Like in our last recent tournament, we'll be judging the maps based on a mathematical system, picking maps that will play the absolute best with the 2v2 Dust-Up gametype.

    So, what's the time-line like for this?

    The time-line for this competition/tournament will be handled a bit differently than past tournaments, mostly for the sake of giving the community as much time as possible to create their maps.

    The following is a short breakdown of how the Map Contest and Tournament will work:
    • February
      • The Tournament is Announced (hey, this thread!)
      • Community Members will be asked to create maps for the tournament
      • Prizes will be finalized, and more information will come about as it's available
    • March
      • The community will have this month to create maps as well.
      • The cut off date for map submissions will be Thursday, March the 28th.
      • Maps will be judged, and selected.
      • Sign-ups for the Tournament will be posted at some point during this month.
    • April May
      • The 2v2 Dust-Up Tournament will actually take place.

    Submitting a Map for the Tournament

    As previously mentioned, we will be aiming for this tournament to be hosted on maps completely generated by our wonderful community! This doesn't, however, mean that maps submitted by staff, past staff, or colored members will be ignored. These maps will need to be playable for the 2v2 Dust-Up Slayer Variant, which can be found in the fileshares of both gamertags: RedSideTheory & Organite.

    Because of the competitive nature of this tournament, obviously the maps will be judged strictly on their ability to play the Slayer Variant well, and their ability to coherently host 2v2 sized matches. Aesthetics obviously take a back-seat to gameplay, but it never hurts to be clean in your forging, or make a map aesthetically memorable!

    Forging Contest Rules

    • All maps must be created on Impact, Ravine or Erosion.
    • All maps MUST support the 2v2 Dust-Up Slayer Variant.
    • All maps must be submitted by March 28th, at 11:59 pm.
    • Creators of the winning maps will receive some sort of prize(s) in the form of both on and off-site rewards, that have yet to be announced.
    • Submissions go here.

    If you have any questions, comment or topics for discussion you should contact myself or Organite by Private Message, or by posting in this thread.

    FAQ spoiled below:

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  2. Dax

    Dax Mhmm.

    Omagawd. I'm very excited for this. I'll hopefully be submitting a couple maps. Is there a rule about submitting maps that we've begun work on before this contest, as long as it hasn't been posted on the forums?

    Also, I might have missed it but, could we get some deets on the gametype?
  3. Fragsturbait

    Fragsturbait New Member

    True Story: I started on a 2v2 map today, I think I might submit it.
  4. chrstphrbrnnn

    chrstphrbrnnn Damn you, Mox Opal...

    Is the community voting on which maps are in? Or are you guys going to actually test all the maps this time. Honestly, it's probably a great idea to have a community vote, so things are out in the open. Given your guys' recent playtesting debacle when judging maps, it's probably in the best interest of the site.
  5. Chron

    Chron Active Member

    Even with the recent debacle that was experienced with the Forgotten Treasures contest I'd still want the staff to vote on the winning maps. Allowing the community to decide is just going to result in the same bias that we've already experienced with FHF.

    Still, it's good to see a tournament being organized already. I definitely wasn't expecting one this early into Halo 4's lifespan. Good job staff dudes. As a fan of 2v2 maps, I look forward to seeing what the community can come up with.
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  6. Behemoth

    Behemoth The Man With No Face

    The quote is what really peaked my interest. Beautiful.
    I'm definitely in. I have the same question as Dax; How old can these maps be?
    I'm working on one right now, but if we can submit older maps, then I have a few submissions. :D 
  7. Given To Fly

    Given To Fly Member

    This is a great step forward on the march to a strong community!
    Exactly what I was wanting when I made the community suggestion thread.

    It's clear I'm submitting a map or 3. :) 

    Also, thank god no DMR.
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  8. Sinogard

    Sinogard New Member

    Well this will be good for Water Works a map I'm putting together simply for split screen play. Of course I have to release the bronze map pack first. I'm just working on the vid and doing the final touches now.
  9. Auburn

    Auburn El Psy Congroo

    By what parameters will the maps be judged and how heavily will each individual one effect the overall score? I think it would benefit to get that out of the way in order to prevent a repeat of recent events, hahaha. If the maps' scores are justified by a good system, than backing up the final results won't be too much of a problem should there be disagreement me thinks.

    I'm looking forward to this. Sadfaic about the DMR, though.
  10. Urban Myth

    Urban Myth Member

    Is there any rule against submitting maps that are already posted? I'd love to tweak Sturdy and make it work for the gametype.
  11. Noooooch

    Noooooch Staff Staff Member

    Same here, why the BR anyway? It's not like any of the other rifles don't promote teamwork.


    If anything, this Tournament seems a bit pre-emptive, with the Dubs gametype (no instant respawn) and the TU right around the corner.
  12. cluckinho10

    cluckinho10 Active Member

    YES BR ONLY. **** the DMR.

    Luckily I've been working on a map that'd be perfect for 2v2.
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  13. xAudienceofone

    xAudienceofone Active Member

    I too would like to see a gametype list of settings.
  14. RightSideTheory

    RightSideTheory Failside

    As long as the maps are fairly recent and have obviously been tweaked to work optimally with the gametype, I don't personally see the harm in allowing recently posted maps to be entered.

    Pertinent Gametype Details:
    The only thing I have to say about this, and the "Debacle" of our last tournament is this:

    The last tournament that was judged by organite (and the rest of the journalists) was the most respectable and well run tournament in recent memory. There was no bias. We looked at every single map inside the game engine, and ranked them based on three simple things. Aesthetics/closeness to the original map, gameplay with Halo 4 infinity slayer, and gameplay with our custom "classic" gametype. These three points were judged on a scale of one to ten, and then averaged together to give this map a score.
    To my knowledge, no tournament has had mathematical backing to it in the past. We are improving the way we do tournaments.

    The only "mistake", if you really want to consider it that, is that we gave away the entire top 10, which left quite a few people feeling like bad about not breaking into the top few maps. That was clearly an oversight, and we won't do that in the future.

    But I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that FTIII and all future tournaments are going to be run more smoothly and on the level than Forge Hub has seen in the past.

    As long as they handle the gametype well!

    As of now the maps will be judged almost completely on how well they play 2v2 Dust-Up Slayer, with a much smaller percentage taking into account how aesthetically clean and tidy they are. Gameplay is our first priority, but if we're showcasing maps there shouldn't be any obvious faults, cluttered areas, or breaks in the map.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to fire them off! I'll be here answering as many as I can. It's good to see the community has some interest in this :) 
  15. Dax

    Dax Mhmm.

    I actually really like the BR starts. It'll allow for DMRs to be placed strategically around the map and also open up more variety of weapon usage. In Reach one of the big things that annoyed me was DMR starts. They were favored over every other weapon besides power weapons, which lead to really dull and repetitive gameplay. Hopefully the BR starts will mix things up a bit.

    Just to be clear, there will be no initial and no random ordnance, correct? We place weapons on map as in previous games?
  16. RightSideTheory

    RightSideTheory Failside

    Yes sir.
  17. PA1NTS

    PA1NTS Member

    Nice. Another great contest. Props to the staff. I feel like I'm always busy working on submissions for Forge Hub. Which is good sign. I am looking forward to seeing what maps will come out of this. There's some insane competitive forgers lurking in these parts.
  18. ♥ Sky

    ♥ Sky <FONT COLOR="#FE2EC8"><b>I Beat the Staff!</b></FO

    What about co-forge rules?
  19. RightSideTheory

    RightSideTheory Failside

    :)  .
  20. LIGHTSOUT225

    LIGHTSOUT225 Mongoose Master

    Why can't people submit maps forged on other canvases besides erosion, impact, and ravine?

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